What do u mean by sex gyan in Hindi? The literal meaning of sex gyan is sex education. The only difference between sex gyan and sex education is the language. The language used while giving sex gyan is in Hindi while sex education is rendered in English.

Similarities between sex gyan and sex education
1. Sex gyan is narrated in most of the Hindi medium schools and sex education is given to adult and younger generation in English medium schools
2. The main aim of explaining sex gyan in Hindi is because as Hindi is our national language it is spoken widely in almost all states. Thus, the language is easy to understand which makes people easily understand what sex is.
3. Sex education today has become the most controversial issue in schools but on one hand it is good that the younger generation is gaining complete knowledge about sex, sexual reproduction etc.
4. Both sex gyan and sex education are taught in schools as parents are not comfortable in talking these issues with their child.

How does sex gyan and sex education help
1. The sex education given in schools are common for both boys and girls this reduces the shyness among them
2. Students get information regarding the exact terms used for sexual reproduction. Apart from that they are also given knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases
3. A few students become active and sometimes tend to commit sexual acts but its then the teacher’s guidance that help them to control themselves
4. Proper sex education or sex gyan can prevent child when they gain adult hood from sexual problems.
5. Sex gyan when given in Hindi is more clear and precise because Hindi language is a common language and children and adults understand about sex more clearly in Hindi than in English language.

There are many rural villages that do not have access to mediums like television and internet so for people living in these areas sex education in Hindi can be rendered as most of the people are uneducated and can’t understand English. Thus, making them understand in Hindi is the best way of giving sex education. There are many sex education programs conducted in many rural schools and colleges so that even children get sex education as the cases of female infanticide and death of young mothers. Hence it is the duty of each one of us to encourage sex gyan in rural and urban areas.

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